W. Mondale Robinson Shares His Story of Service

W. Mondale Robinson Shares His Story of Service


W. Mondale Robinson’s childhood furnished him with a valuable, socio-political vantage point to what plagues those belonging to the African Diaspora in the United States.

At an early age, he began seeking answers to accepted social constructs and took the path less traveled; the path of solutions. After graduating from high school early Mondale joined the United States Marine Corps. While in the Corps, he was an aviation purchasing agent. Realizing that joining was admirable, but it was not a mechanism for social change– an increasingly important personal motivation. He entered into politics. From 2006 to 2013 he began working across the country assisting a number of progressive causes from: North Carolina State Chair of Veterans for Obama, Field Director for Nevada Democrats, and State Director for Indian State Democrats and Texans for American’s Future, and as a consultant for campaigns in Arkansas. He has appeared on television such as: Democracy Now, Al-Jazeera, NPR, and Fox. His experiences in politics motivated him to enter college. He quickly matriculated through Livingstone College earning his Bachelor of Science in Political Science maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He earned numerous awards including: Academic Excellence Award, Community Service Award, and Future Leaders Award. Mondale is the founder of Conyers Institute of Public Policy. He is currently working towards his Masters of Public Service and Juris Doctorate (MPS/JD) at Clinton School of Public Service/Bowen School of Law.

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