Al-Shabab & Boko Haram: The War Within

boko haram
Post by Todun Afolabi
Terrorism in Africa has greatly increased in recent years. The recent terrorist attack at the Kenyan shopping center and the attacks in Northern Nigeria have claimed the lives of too many. The Nigerian Boko Haram and the Kenyan Al-Shabab are terrorist groups tied to Al- Qaeda and are linked to these attacks. This spider wed of terrorist is increasing greatly in Africa and spreading their networks all over the world.

Africa has many countries with defective systems of government. These governments are full of internal controversies, weak forces and lack of control. Ultimately, A house divided against itself cannot stand. 

These terrorist groups take advantage of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity within a community. They also take advantage of regions where villages and settlements are more secluded with little or no help from the police force.These group are becoming bolder and stronger. They even make their intentions known by bringing threats to the community.

So where do we go from here? There is a growing need for the African Union to take a bigger stand against terrorism.I advocate this approach because too many lives and state security are at risk.It is not a Nigerian problem or a Kenyan,Somalia, Ethiopia or Congo problem. It is an African problem because it transcends each country and affects all of us. I am ready to see an end to this war within!

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