ASUU and the Government: Conflicting Interest

In my ¬†years of experience in public service, I have come to understand the importance of stakeholder involvement within a community, a state and even a nation when it comes to social change. Who are stakeholders? Stakeholders are people who have an interest in something. For instance, in a nonprofit organization, the…


5 Reasons School Boards Matter

School board elections are a crucial part of our democracy. The success or failure of local school districts largely depends on the success or failure of the local school board. Strong communities and strong schools go hand in hand, therefore, when given the opportunity to take part in the democratic process of…


The Giving Net Radio Show’s August Line Up

During the month of August, The Giving Net's Radio Show lineup includes a stellar group of people who work to improve the lives of students and/or teachers through service. Check out the lineup below. Please share with your network and help us spread the word.

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