5 Reasons School Boards Matter

School board elections are a crucial part of our democracy. The success or failure of local school districts largely depends on the success or failure of the local school board. Strong communities and strong schools go hand in hand, therefore, when given the opportunity to take part in the democratic process of…


Drew High School: A Place Where Everybody Was Somebody

Drew High School was the all Black high school in Monticello, AR where my parents and most of my aunts and uncles attended. Future FBI agents, factory workers, garbage men, educators, scientists, ministers, medical professionals, attorneys, engineers, mechanics, carpenters, brick masons, and even business leaders walked the halls of the white school…


Storytelling and Social Change: James Baldwin

On this day in 1924, one of the greatest writers, orators and social change leaders, James Baldwin, was born. The video below, Take This Hammer, is one example of how James Baldwin used the power of storytelling to bring truth to power. Check out the videos below and let us know what…

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