1963: Bloodshed and Bombing

AFP/Getty Images By Andrea Price 1963 didn't mark the start of the Civil Rights Movement nor did it mark the end, but the many events that happened this year left a lot of blood on American soil both literally and metaphorically. The 1963 March on Washington is often talked about, but this…


“I Have a Dream” 50th Anniversary Update

We held our first public event on August 28th at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library and Learning Center. Over 100 people came out to watch the screening and participate in the discussion about our hopes for American for the next 50 years. The library staff was very supportive and the participants…


What Does the Degree Have to Do with It?

I recently found myself coming to the realization that my undergraduate and one of my graduate degrees have absolutely nothing to do with public service or social change. I shared this “aha” moment with my husband and he immediately let me know that I was wrong! He told me, “Your degrees in…

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