Servant Leadership: 4 Ways to Strengthen the Empathy Muscle

Empathy is one quality that separates great servant leaders from poor ones. The ability to “feel with” rather than “feel for” is an ability that is necessary to make the human-to-human connections needed for servant leadership. Empathy is so important because the “feeling with” often precedes love. It’s hard to love someone…


Attention Change Makers and Public Servants: Race Still Matters

2008 marked a year where the use of the phrase, “post-racial America,” emerged as one of the most used buzz phrases during the presidential election season. A narrative of a post-racial America permeated society, and as a result, many people believe the election of President Barack Obama marked the end of racial prejudice and discrimination in America and…


Public Service: Knowledge and Opportunity

Andrea Price Social Change Strategist and Radio Show Host at the Giving Net There isn't a shortage of knowledge in the world, just a lack of opportunity. I realized this during an international service project I facilitated in Belize City, Belize. While there, I conducted a leadership and confidence building camp for…

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