Faith and Service: 3 Simple Ways to Do Something

  By Andrea Price @aprice A huge part of my commitment to service is deeply rooted in my personal theology. My service is the sacrifice that I give because it is my moral and spiritual obligation to do so. However, on my journey to better understand my personal theology and understand what…


The Storms Keep Coming

By Andrea Price a_price1 I've had the privilege of living in 3 states where natural disasters are prevalent: Arkansas, Texas and Florida. Last Sunday, while sitting on the couch, I heard the citywide tornado alarm sounding. Every Wednesday at 12pm the alarm sounds throughout the city, so when I heard it Sunday,…


Motivational Monday: My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother's Keeper is an initiative of the Barack Obama Administration rooted in citizen participation. Philanthropic, business and community leaders have banned together to disrupt the status quo for boys and men or color and work towards a more equitable society for ALL people in America. My hope is that everyone involved…

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