Philanthropy Researcher-in-Residence

Philanthropy Researcher-in-Residence

Since 2009, the Clinton School Center on Community Philanthropy (The Center) has been a leader in conducting research and writing about philanthropy as an approach to delivering public service. This work includes faculty led research, over 25 Scholars-in-Residence and visiting philanthropy faculty from universities across the country. Our goal has been to illuminate innovations and make new models practical and available to communities who want to invigorate their philanthropy practices.

Building on this foundation of leadership, the Center announces its  new initiative, The Community Philanthropy Researcher-in-Residence program designed to work with local nonprofits to build awareness around the importance of sector data, assessment tools and constituent feedback to help advance philanthropic and nonprofit practice. The Researcher-In-Residence will spend one semester supporting a local nonprofit’s staff members as they collect and organize data and utilize it in their work. The Center on Community Philanthropy will provide financial support for the position and access to data analysis expertise. Establishing this position will help nonprofits link with researchers in academia and show them how they can engage their skills to address issues of equity, inclusion and social justice. It will also create communities of learning where data and insights about work in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors help strengthen organizations.

Charlotte L. Williams, DrPH, MPH
Director Center on Community Philanthropy
Associate Professor of Public Health
Adjunct Faculty UAMS Office of Global Health

Candidates may apply via the forms below.

Researcher in Residence Application 2016_1

Researcher in Residence 2016_1

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