Gregg Potter Shares his Story of Service in South Africa



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Gregg Potter is a committed activist and advocate whose done tremendous work in South Africa with the Legal Resource Center of South Africa. Tune in to hear about his awesome work.

Life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) people living in Africa is difficult.  Recently countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, and Malawi have created laws that more severely persecute these people.  In response, South Africa has committed to aid persecuted people in LGBTI communities.  Potter partnered with the Legal Resource Center (LRC) of South Africa to assess how the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) can better meet this commitment.

Potter arrived at the LRC Cape Town, South Africa office in early November 2013 to meet with asylum seekers rejected by the DHA.  Refugees seek LRC assistance to appeal their rejections from DHA.  First, consultations with asylum applicants established discrepancies between why DHA rejected them and what their individual stories were.  Then, appeal arguments, or affidavits, were created for each refugee describing the lack of compliance DHA has with international and South African …(more)