What You Gon’ Do?

By Andrea Price @a_price1

About a year ago, former president Bill Clinton told me “no one gets to pick the time in which they live. You can only pick what you will do.” I never forgot this statement because as a historian, I often ask myself what would I have done if I were living during the 19th or early 20th Century. Would I fight on the frontline for the abolition of slavery? Would I leave the south and head north like many my ancestors? Would I fight for access to education for all? I can only imagine what I would have “picked” to pursue then.

Fortunately, I live in this “now” time, but with all the challenges we face in this world, how do I pick what to do? As I reflect on this question, I really think about those things that matter the most to me. Spreading love in all I do. Serving and working with others to create a better future for my community. Even making sincere, positive connections with others and building good relationships with them matters to me.  The things that matter drive what I do in this “now” time.

I still think about what former president Clinton said and I am convicted to harness what matters to me and spread positive stories of public service, work with others to build stronger communities, and connect people to ideas and information about how to positively impact their community. Yes, if you are reading this, you live in the now, so what you gon’ do in this “now” time to create a better future. Does environmental justice matter to you? Does ending poverty matter to you? Does immigration reform matter to you? Does racial equity matter to you?  Do human rights matter to you? What matters to you? Figure out what matters. Have the courage and willpower to (pick) pursue those things that matter. Sincerely connect with others whose interests align with yours. Watch the future become brighter!

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