Dear World…

Dear World…

Create Social Equity

A few months ago, I had the awesome opportunity to be photographed by Robert Fogarty for his Dear World campaign. I had a great time and I really admire the work Robert is doing. Check out the letter below that will accompany this picture in a photo book.

Dear World,

I work to build the bridge of social equity. This bridge is made of moral planks that are fastened by compassionate nails. Misunderstanding, confusion and hate flow below the bridge and feet of understanding, compromise and love cross the bridge.

I build this bridge because I am my brother and sister’s keeper and it is my moral obligation to do so. I build this bridge because demographics shouldn’t be a prerequisite to outcomes. I build this bridge because a person’s zip code shouldn’t be a health determinate. I build this bridge because a school zone shouldn’t determine the likelihood of a prison sentence.

I work to build this bridge because the backs of my ancestors who worked the fields of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana didn’t bend for me to take a break. I work to build this bridge for the future. A future where people are more loving, communities are stronger and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a reality for everyone!



Photo credit: Robert Fogarty and Dear World


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  1. Andrea,

    Thank you for sharing your vision of social justice.

    I hope you will continue to ‘Engaging Citizens. Amplifying Voices. Strengthening Communities”

    I am going to encourage our “l8-39 Parental empowerment and leadership group” to visit you site.


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