TIME Magazine’s Strategy for Service

"I believe service can help us deal with a multitude of national problems, from unemployment to education to adapting immigrants to American society. And it can work together to get big things done for our country." - Richard Stengel, Managing Editor of TIME Magazine The Giving Net is very excited about TIME…


Know Thy Neighbor

Professional public servants are constantly trying to find new techniques, strategies and formulas to address some of our most pressing social issues. Books are written, manuals are produced, conferences are held and documentaries are filmed to bring awareness and instruction on how to address problems. These efforts are great and are often…



Volunteerism is one of the most noble forms for public service. Volunteers can be found in the most remote areas of Peru to the urban areas of Brazil. You can find volunteers every Saturday coaching youth throughout the US, and throughout the week, you can find volunteers handeling the accounting for small…

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