Phil Hansen: Embrace the Shake

A few months ago we featured Phil Hansen's Ted Talk "Embrace the Shake" on our Facebook Page. Phil is an awesome artist and his message of using a limitation to drive creativity is a powerful one! Phil recently teamed up with the Rockefeller Foundation to turn stories of philanthropy into a powerful work…


Changing Minds, Changing Communitites

MDC is an excellent organization whose organizing formula: Education + Employment + Economic Security = the Pathway to Opportunity. Earlier this year, Otis Johnson, former mayor of Savannah, GA and MDC board chair, gave a powerful speech, "Changing Minds, Changing Communities." Check it out below.


Community Philanthropy: A Paradigm Shift

  The words "community philanthropy" are often associated with community foundations. These foundations are typically charged with awarding nonprofit organizations within communities  grant money. These organizations are then charged with being fiscally responsible and using the money for community improvement.The work of community foundations is very noble, however, what's often left out…

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