Bucking the Status Quo in Philanthropy

    By Andrea Price @aprice_1 Bucking status quo in philanthropy: Emmett Carson doesn't put limitations on his partners or tools. <Check out this 1-minute video by Dr. Emmett Carson Dr. Emmett Carson is one of the greatest philanthropic leaders of the 21st Century. His vision and insight has transformed the Silicon…


2014 New Year’s Resolutions

  People all over the world are preparing to start anew for 2014. Resolutions are being made and lifestyles are about to change. Weight loss ✓ Smoking cessation ✓ Go back to school✓ Many of these resolutions focus on improving our own lives. In 2014, as civic life in America is declining,…


Dr. Emmett Carson: Renewing the Call to Advocacy

Dr. Emmett Carson, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, gave the keynote address at Independent Sector's Public Policy Action Institute. As a nonprofit, and an organization that is not a direct service provider, The Giving Net is in a unique position to strengthen democracy through our civic engagement strategies,…

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