Servant Leadership: 4 Ways to Strengthen the Empathy Muscle

Empathy is one quality that separates great servant leaders from poor ones. The ability to “feel with” rather than “feel for” is an ability that is necessary to make the human-to-human connections needed for servant leadership. Empathy is so important because the “feeling with” often precedes love. It’s hard to love someone…


Christmas Dreamin’

By Andrea Price a_price1 I recently listened to a message by Rev. William Lamar IV, pastor of Metropolitan AME Church, entitled “I’m Dreaming of a Scandalous Christmas”. His sermon title is a play on words made famous by Bing Crosby who sang, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones…


Faith and Service: 3 Simple Ways to Do Something

  By Andrea Price @aprice A huge part of my commitment to service is deeply rooted in my personal theology. My service is the sacrifice that I give because it is my moral and spiritual obligation to do so. However, on my journey to better understand my personal theology and understand what…

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