Freedom Rider: Antoinette Merriman’s Story

Freedom Rider: Antoinette Merriman’s Story

“Service is Life.” Antoinette Merriman

In honor of Black Philanthropy Month, we are re-playing interviews from people who give their time, talent and treasure to make the world better.

Today, we are featuring Antoinette Merriman’s story. The once buried story of this Freedom Fighter and Freedom Rider is uncovered. Over fifty years ago, activist Antoinette participated in protests in Baton Rouge, LA where she was a student at Southern University. She also risked her life as a Freedom Rider traveling throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

After years of not sharing her story because of this painful time in her life, Antoinette shared her story with The Giving Net. She was beaten, arrested, and expelled from Southern because of her participation in the Civil Rights Movement, but she continued to fight for humanity and civil rights.

Tune in to hear Antoinette’s heroic story and learn some songs she and her fellow freedom fighters sang.

*The photo above was posted in the Chicago Defender April 2, 1962. Click Merriman to view the entire article.