Company Overview

The Giving Net is a 501c3 organization dedicated to fostering active participation in civic life across the lifespan. Civic engagement, public service and philanthropy are pillars of The Giving Net’s work. Since its founding in 2013, The Giving Net has hosted innovative community conversations in rural and urban areas, facilitated unique, interactive political forums in rural communities and led arts and social change activities for youth in impoverished communities. We also conduct independent research related to civic engagement, public service and philanthropy. These are just a few examples of The Giving Net’s work.


Our digital media informs readers and listeners about:

  1. Historic and modern social change efforts.
  2. People who are using their time, talents and treasures to serve others.
  3. Civic engagement, public service and philanthropy.
The Giving Net partners with faith-based organizations, businesses and community leaders to:
  1. Facilitate community conversations.
  2. Lead round table discussions and lectures.
  3. Host workshops on public service, civic engagement and philanthropy.