Our Team

Andrea Price
Angela Bukenya
Jillian Fisher
Elvin Price


that connecting people and public service creates stronger communities and the futures we hope for!

We live our belief by...

Connecting Citizens

Our work with citizens is designed to teach and promote community-based philanthropy: a way of living that puts community members at the center of community problem solving. We work mostly in rural communities where we host Solution Suppers (TM), offer workshops, and design and facilitate events that connect citizens to each other and to politicians. We also engage youth and teach them the power they have to serve their communities.

Connecting Nonprofits

Our work with other community-centered nonprofits includes:

Community Outreach and Engagement Planning
Policy Planning
Succession Planning
Leadership Development
Board Training and Development
Staff On-boarding

Connecting Digitally

Our website is designed to connect people to stories, information, and ideas about community, philanthropy, and service.

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