6 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

6 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community


The Giving Net’s radio show guest, Anita Riley, challenged listeners to get involved in their communities through service. The list below provides 7 simple ways to get involved.

1. Support local businesses that give back to the community

Businesses throughout the country realize the significance of serving the community. Their involvement in the community is not only beneficial to citizens, but their involvement has the potential to increase their bottom line. Find businesses in the community that give back and support them.

2. Organize a neighborhood or park cleanup

Often times, ways to get involved just take a little observation. Finding untidy parks or neighborhoods are some of the easiest places to see. When we see opportunities to get involved, we have to “Just Do It.”

3. Attend a city council meeting

Many city council meetings are broadcast via websites or local television channels. The information discussed at these meetings provide insight on what is needed and what is already going on. There are also committees in cities where citizens can serve. Check with you local officials to see how you can get involved.

4. Join a local service organization

Service organizations such as Rotary International and the Optimist Club are examples of service organizations located throughout the world. If you are not sure what organizations are in your area, ask neighbors, friends or trusty Google to find information about service organizations. If there are not any in your area, don’t be afraid to start one.

5. Use your skills to help a local nonprofit

Many nonprofit organizations could use extra help. If you have special skills such as accounting, grant writing or even facilitation skills, contact a local nonprofit to see if your skills match their needs.

6. Visit www.allforgood.org

All for Good is an online platform that allows users to find volunteer opportunities. Just type in an area you would like to serve and voilĂ !

Our hope is that these tips help on you service journey!

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