5 Reasons School Boards Matter

5 Reasons School Boards Matter

Slide1School board elections are a crucial part of our democracy. The success or failure of local school districts largely depends on the success or failure of the local school board. Strong communities and strong schools go hand in hand, therefore, when given the opportunity to take part in the democratic process of voting for board members, complacency with the vote should not be an option.

Five Reasons Why School Boards Matter (In No Particular Order.)

  1. School board members are not only accountable to the district, but to the entire community. Students, school administrators and staff, community members and even business people depend on school boards to lead and make decisions that are sound. The success of communities and school districts are intertwined. Students want to attend school in places where they have a chance for academic success. Teachers and administrators want to work in stellar districts. Many families choose to live in areas based on the success of the schools and ultimately the school board. Businesses want to locate in areas where good schools are located. Many decisions are made based on the local school district, and that is why school boards matter.
  2. Many school districts are the largest employer in many communities and economic decisions do fall into the hands of elected school board members. These school board members are responsible for being good stewards of taxpayer’s money, and they have to make sure every penny they manage is used wisely. People’s livelihoods, school success and student success depend on how well school board members manage funds. That’s another reason school boards matter.
  3. Student achievement is directly connected to effective school boards. It is essential for board members to lead the district while having a passion for ensuring students are successful. Again, the success or failure of students is not only the responsibility of parents, community members, teachers and school administrators, it is also the responsibility of the board. That is why school boards matter.
  4. School boards are local but they have a global impact. Local school boards are responsible for ensuring our students are equipped with tools that will help them succeed in a globalized world and workforce. The decisions of a local school board range from curriculum decisions to decisions about demographic changes in communities. This is another reason why school boards matter.
  5. Local school boards are democratically elected. This is important because privatization of schools is a major goal for many people throughout the US. We, the citizens, still have an opportunity to have a say in who will best lead our students in the public school system by electing a board. Board members are accountable to those they serve and citizens are accountable for ensuring their success after elections. This is why school boards matter.

Please share with us in the comments section other reasons why school boards matter.

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