Monday Inspiration: Brang Dat College Home

Every now and then someone or something helps me recommit myself to serving causes greater than myself. One particular person that helped me recommit is a beautiful storyteller named Vivian Filer. Mrs. Filer’s recitation and performance of the poem, Brang Dat College Home, really inspired me to continue serving communities and using all my educational and personal experiences to impact communities. The words to this folk poem are listed below.

Brang Dat College Home

I’s been sending you to college now for six or seven years,
Since the mornin’ dat you lef’ me I’s been sheddin’ bitter tears.
But I thought of dat ole sayin’ “sunshine comes behin’ de storm,”
So my young man, when you finish, you jes brang dat college home.

I’s been scrubbin’ by the washtub, I’s been sweatin’ in de fiel,
Many times I had to borry, an I almost had to steal.
But I hold on to my patience, beat dem soap suds into foam,
Waiting for you to brang dat college home.

Folks here say you gwine be nothin’, you jes foolin’ time away,
But I shake my finger an’ tell dem “wait until some future day.”
So nex’ June when dogwoods blossom and de bees begin to swarm,
I’ll be waitin’ for to see you when you brang dat college home.

Don’t you min’ dese folks here talkin’, dey ain’t half as good as you,
And deys bound to nag at good folks, dat’s all dey know how to do.
I’s got wood enough for winter, plenty clothes to keep me warm,
So you trot off to college, then nex’ June you brang dat college home.

I don’t mean bring home the buildings or to wreck dem good folks’ place,
Bring home Christian education and dat high tone college grace.
You jes grab dem fessor’s habits, hole ’em tight thru win’ an’ storm,
Den when you get your diploma, take ’em all and light for home.

Show dese folks dat you got ’em by the speeches dat you make,
By the spec’s dat you’ll be wearin’ an’ de way your coattail shake.
But don’t git above de people, settle down, and cease to roam,
Be a light in your own village, be a college right here at home.

Posted by Andrea Price, Social Change Strategist and Radio Show Host at The Giving Net

Monday Inspiration: Brang Dat College Home
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    Flossie, Trina: Here is the poem

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